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Description of ICPIC Research Advisers 

ICPIC Research Advisers are scholars with advanced training in one or more of the academic disciplines that inform the work of philosophical inquiry with children and youth, who are available to serve as research project consultants, graduate student thesis examiners, journal guest-editors, book proposal reviewers, faculty promotion reviewers, ICPIC SIG leaders, jurors for the biennial ICPIC Essay Award competition, and etc.

ICPIC Research Advisers represent a broad diversity of perspectives on the meaning of philosophical inquiry with children and in practical approaches to that work. ICPIC values this diversity and does not endorse any particular perspective or approach. On the contrary, ICPIC encourages those seeking scholarly guidance to consider approaching a number of Research Advisers with divergent perspectives.

NOTE: Participation as an ICPIC Research Advisor does not obligate a person to accept any particular request for advisement service. Services rendered by ICPIC Research Advisers, should not be understood as rendered by ICPIC, which bears no responsibility for any aspect of the work or actions of any ICPIC Research Adviser.

Qualifications and Application

ICPIC members willing to participate as ICPIC Research Advisers should fill out the form below. There is no deadline for application. Each application will be reviewed by the ICPIC Research Coordinator and one other member of the current ICPIC Executive Committee. Applicants who are not accepted may re-apply one calendar year later.

    *(For purposes of this committee, research is understood as philosophical and/or empirical inquiry that contributes to the construction of new knowledge. It does not include, for instance, the development of curriculum or teacher resources, or personal reflections on teaching or on P4/wC practice. ICPIC recognizes the value of those kinds of work and provides other venues for collaboration around them.)