2021 Asia Pacific Conference on Philosophy for Children

The Philosophy with Children and Youth Network for Asia and the Pacific (PCYNAP) met for the first time at the 15th ICPIC held in Jinju Korea in July 2011. In 2020 we began a renewed effort to build the network resulting in a number of joint projects, including the foundation of a reading group and a Children’s International discussion Circle, and we now proudly announce this Conference celebrating the tenth anniversary of PCYNAP. Our aim is to consolidate our efforts to date, so we can move forward together with the wonderful work we are doing preparing our students to meet the challenges of life in the 21st Century.  We hope you will join us in this venture.

The Conference will draw together a wide range of eminent Asian-Pacific scholars and practitioners in the field of Philosophy for/with Children (P4wC) to provide not only an historical account of the journey to date, but to create opportunities to reflect on the insights and experiences of the practitioners/authors within the varied cultural contexts of the network.   We will showcase the diversity of the P4wC models which have evolved in the Asia-Pacific region, providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to tell their stories in their own cultural contexts.  We will celebrate and strengthen our connections with the international associations IAPC, ICPIC, CIPSH and FAPSA.  We will establish new opportunities for collaboration within the network, including the publication of a practitioner’s handbook, research projects and a Routledge publication


Please send follow the link and provide your details for review by the scientific committee by 20th Sep.