Naples Workshop Meeting – July 30-31, 2024

The Executive Committee is glad to announce the Naples Workshops Meeting, which will be held from July 30 to 31, 2024 in Italy.

The meeting, hosted and organized by the colleague Maura Striano and Stefano Oliverio from University “Federico II” with the support of the Municipality of Naples, will be a precious opportunity of training in P4wC and for informal conversation among members before the ICPIC Gathering in Rome, announced for the World Congress of Philosophy (August 1-8).

We all thank the members Maura and Stefano for their generous availability: the event offers a free special time of advanced education and a wonderful space to join workshops in “community of inquiry”, a privileged setting which are not admitted in the WCP Program.

The scope and the main commitment of the meeting is the engagement of ICPIC members in workshops focused on Philosophy for Citizenship. The goal of the first day of work (July 30) will be involving the ICPIC convenors in the design of different proposals of P4wC “communities of philosophical inquiry” on the topic. The proposals elaborated in the workshops will be realized on the second day (July 31) involving citizens of all ages to live experiences of democracy of thinking together in various public places of the city.

The detailed program of the meeting will be available on the website soon.


The deadline for registration is June 30 2024.

The participation in the meeting is free for regular ICPIC members.

The participants must provide for themselves accommodation in Naples. A map of cheap locations available in the University area of the meeting will be provided on the website as soon as possible.

Welcome and see you all in Naples and Rome!