NAACI 2020 Conference

NAACI 2020 Conference

Ideation: Creative engagement in philosophy for children

Conference   |   NAACI   |   June 26-28, 2020   |   Montreal, Canada

The North American Association for the Community of Inquiry is proud to present, in collaboration with the University of Montreal and Brila Youth Projects, the next NAACI Conference in June 2020!

The international conference “Ideation: Creative engagement in philosophy for children” aims to immerse participants in a vibrant atmosphere of co-creation around questions pertaining to the place of creativity in philosophical inquiry with young people and the adults by their side. In response to a world context with increasing demands for creative solutions that are both bold and thoughtful, this bilingual event will deepen our collective thinking around theoretical, empirical and practice-based approaches in P4C. Inspired by the Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CPI), the event will encourage conversations around the importance of creative agency, creative thinking and creative problem-solving in philosophical dialogue and beyond. To liven the exchanges, a crew of trained facilitators will work with subgroups of participants in their own “philosophical pods” to help deconstruct perspectives emerging from the sessions and offer some creative provocations to enrich the collaborative experience.

In addition to offering a selection of research presentations—including individual, panel, workshop and poster sessions—and opportunities for CPI dialogues, the conference itself will model various types of creative agency with participants of all ages to provoke and push our collective wondering around these important themes.

The conference will be preceded by a three-day pre-conference workshop as well as a one-day tourist adventure in wonderful Montreal! The research contributions will be featured in a book published by the presses of University of Montreal and creative outputs from the conference will be showcased in a philosophical magazine. Children and teens from Brila’s youth board will also join in to promote child-adult conversations around the importance of creative agency and philosophical inquiry.

The call for proposals will go out in the early fall. Please stay tuned!

For information, please visit the conference website.

Puisqu’il s’agit d’un colloque bilingue dans les deux langues officielles du Canada, les informations sont également disponibles en français ! Veuillez visiter le site.