We have a new website and we need your help!

We have a new website and we need your help!

Send us your news, your photos, your testimonials and more

We are very excited to be launching the new ICPIC website! In this first phase, we have updated the main pages so that you can learn more about our organization, our projects, our research and our members. The site is still a work in progress! Over the next few months, we will be busy adding features, content and news archives for an update in the fall, and the next phase will involve changing the members-only area so it matches our new look.

We are committed to showcasing the wonderful work of our members from around the world but in order to do so, we need your help! Here is how you can send us content:


We are happy to post news about P4wC events, publications and projects from our members! To help us share your work in our News section, please send us the following content for news posts:

  • a catchy title
  • an informative subtitle
  • a short description in English (and, if applicable, the translated text in a second language)
  • one or more photos to accompany the post (minimum 600 pixels resolution)


We would love to add to our photo gallery on the Our Members page! If you have photos of past ICPIC conferences, photos of P4wC projects with children or teens, or photos of teacher training, please follow these steps to share them:

  • the photo (minimum 600 pixels resolution)
  • the country
  • the year
  • a short description

NOTE: Make sure you have the legal right to share the photos, especially if they feature youth!



We are also looking to feature testimonials about the power of P4wC! If you have short, inspiring quotes from children, teachers, principals, facilitators, students, trainees, etc., we are happy to post them! Please include:

  • the person’s quotation
  • the person’s first name
  • the person’s position (teacher, student, facilitator, etc.)

Last but not least, we are missing information about some of the past ICPIC conferencesso if you have those details, we would be very grateful to add them.

To submit any of the above or if you have any questions, do get in touch with us!

The ICPIC Executive