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Naples Workshop Meeting – July 30-31, 2024

The Executive Committee is glad to announce the Naples Workshops Meeting, which will be held from July 30 to 31, 2024 in Italy. The meeting, hosted and organized by the colleague Maura Striano and Stefano Oliverio from University “Federico II” with the support of the Municipality of Naples, will be a precious opportunity of training in P4wC and...


Padova Lipman Celebration

The University of Padova celebrates Matthew Lipman’s Centenary and 20 Years of P4C education and practice in the academics of Community of Inquiry on 7-8-9 the October, with a lot of ICPIC friends! See the agenda in the event in the attached flyer. Locandina + Programma_P4C_20_ANNI_UNIPD